Additive technology

Focus on the current key bottleneck restricting the development of the industry, focusing on solving the biomedical engineering industry in urgent need of the development of key technologies, core technologies and common technologies. Mainly carried out with titanium alloy as the representative of the implant manufacturing technology and related materials research. According to the biocompatibility, mechanical compatibility and implant safety requirements of human body for implants, research on material synthesis and preparation, manufacturing and processing technology, surface treatment and optimization are carried out


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Materials Synthesis and Preparation:

Carry out material composition design, evaluation system and preparation of related research. To carry out pre-design and prediction of the composition, microstructure and properties of titanium alloy, and to establish a database and experimental model; to carry out elemental matching and organizational homogeneity research and analyze the cross-coupling effects of the alloy after diversification. At the same time, in the aspect of material preparation, the problem of agglomeration and collisions at the shape and solidification of molten metal, as well as impurity control and powder grading treatment are studied.


Manufacturing and processing technology:

Mainly engaged in the design and manufacture of implants and the matching with the soft and hard tissues of human body, including the analysis of influencing factors such as material microstructure and phase change control, modulus mechanics, etc., as well as porous, ultrafine and amorphous treatment. In the design and manufacture of matching research, to carry out research on optimization design, motion accuracy control methods, as well as the selective laser melting technology represented by the additive manufacturing technology (3D printing) research and application, to carry out modular design and process matching and Manufacturing Control and Human Matching Research.

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Surface treatment and optimization:

Research material surface modification and the interaction of the body interface law to carry out material surface multi-scale structural design, material and body interface interaction law; to carry out the study of surface nano-design to change the surface structure and state of materials; to carry out the molding Surface strengthening and heat treatment technology research to make it finally get excellent overall performance; to carry out the interaction between material and the body interface law, from the bionics, tissue engineering principles, matrix control mineralization ideas to study the material between the body tissues Surface / interface interaction and microscopic mechanisms to improve the biological and mechanical compatibility of titanium alloy materials and implantation safety.


Additive Manufacturing and Engineering Technology:

The use of ultra-fine powder, the application of laser fusion technology for implant manufacturing and porous, ultrafine and amorphous glass processing, optimization and adjustment of the strength and modulus of porous titanium, to achieve effective mechanical properties of materials to improve and improve the mechanics Characteristics, to achieve a good repair or replacement of the organization; to carry out the study of surface nano-design to change the surface structure and state of the material to produce selective adsorption on the surface of the material to achieve biological identification and treatment.

We will carry out the standardization and quality control system of service, design, customized production and comprehensive evaluation of clinical application of biomaterials for additive manufacturing. Mainly include the standardized service control flow and delivery standard setting of the whole service chain, as well as the product quality appraisal standard, the test evaluation system, and the management system of the whole life cycle from modeling to follow-up

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