ENV is a technology-intensive enterprise that integrates production, learning, research, science, industry and trade. The company has a registered capital of 50 million U.S. dollars and is located in Huaxi Industrial Functional Area, a new energy town of Changxing County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. At present, , Beijing, Zhejiang formed the industrial, administrative, research and development, manufacturing for the integration of the industrial chain, established in Changxing, Zhejiang “British Nevay (Zhejiang) new energy battery manufacturing base” and “Zhejiang Changxing Sino-Russian New Energy Materials Technology Research Institute “, The company and” Peter the Great St. Petersburg, Russia Polytechnic University, “” Far East Federal University of Russia “,” Russian Academy of Sciences “,” Zhejiang University “,” Harbin Institute of Technology “,” Hunan University “,” Germany ZOZ Group “,” Austria STARD Company “and” NETZSCH Company of Germany “, we have an international strong technical team, which is specialized in materials science, electrochemistry, material physics and chemistry, polymer, chemistry, electromechanical, structural design, computer, numerical control, Analysis and other aspects of the assembly of high-end talent at home and abroad, in the field of industry has a certain reputation, the company’s products After the Russian Space Agency, the United States Tesla, the Korean Academy of Sciences, the Japanese power intelligence, the Aachen Automotive Design Center in Germany, China many passenger car manufacturers (TOP10 manufacturers) testing and use of access to praise, at low temperature, magnification, safety Performance on top, the products have been adopted by the state 201, 18, CE, UL, CCC, TS16949, ROSH, UN38.3, GS, ISO9001 and other certification authority at home and abroad. Products get on the car announcement and the battery pack on the car safety certification certification, the products are exported to domestic and foreign, are widely used in military, aerospace, industrial, medical, emergency rescue, rail transportation, shipping, transportation, energy storage, and other fields, establish China’s battery industry in the international industry status, is the battery industry banner.



Zhejiang Changxing Sino-Russian New Energy Materials Technology Research Institute was established in August 2016, located in Taihu Capital Plaza, Block B, 5 to 11 layers, with a total construction area of 7,000 square meters. The total investment of the project is 200 million yuan, including 120 million yuan of experimental instruments and equipment and 200 researchers. The institute plans to build a comprehensive scientific research platform that integrates many fields such as chemistry, electrochemistry, material chemistry, mechanochemistry, thermoelectric chemistry, physics, electronics, mechanics, automation, artificial intelligence and marine science and technology.

The institute is positioned as an international high-tech R & D and innovation platform with world-class research capability in materials preparation, analysis, modification and materials thermoelectric chemical working system. It mainly focuses on battery technology, equipment, electrochemistry, thermoelectric chemistry, Insulation films and functional electrolytes and other key materials development, process optimization and other aspects of extensive research; the same time, will also be committed to the titanium alloy additive technology, 3D printing materials development, preparation technology, equipment matching optimization, new medical materials field Application and research, and tracking of marine science and related product material properties research, put forward the optimization direction and implementation strategy.

Institute of Changxing in Zhejiang Province to do industrial base planning to build “a hospital four parks” that “Sino-Russian New Energy and Materials Technology Research Institute”, “New Energy Battery Industrial Park”, “New Energy Materials Industrial Park”, “New Energy Equipment Electrical Industrial Park “,” New Energy Vehicle Industrial Park “, take the development of new energy automotive industrial park as the starting point, technical research institute for industrial technical support, materials and equipment to do service package, the formation of material – equipment – battery – system – the whole The middle and lower reaches of the car industry chain; the formation of the entire industrial chain, with an effective mode of operation, in accordance with national development planning requirements, combined with local demand for development and support, the introduction of vehicle and battery and system technology extension, investment plans nearly 10 billion Form the formation of one hundred billion industry chain.