Power Battery and Key Materials

Our company can design and develop products according to customer demand, we own a full set of technology—battery, electric control, protection circuit, battery equalization, battery management system, etc—which has been widely used in armed force as well as by the people. It is used in transportation, aviation, aerospace, and underwater applications in various fields.


ENV battery parameters with industry products are light weight 30%, nearly small 1/8 of the volume, and monomer energy density reached 155-185wh/kg, (Pack also can achieve 135-165wh/kg), which is the best ofimproved lithium-polymer batteries with the best volume, and safety performance, rate performance, cycle performance, low temperature performance is first class,specific energy in current domestic industry products. On the management and protection of power battery for the system development, formed with battery management system, battery protection system, charging control system for the integration system, good compatibility. Having stable function and suitable for all kinds of power terminal products.


We continue to carry out new physical/chemical energy research, including polymer lithium-ion power battery, metal air battery, fuel cell and thin-film battery technology research and industrialization development.


We will carry out the new type functional material research and development: in the field of cathode materials, our main focus is on LFS/NCA; in the field of anode materials, our main focus is Si/Sn-C base material research and property optimization; as for the electrolyte, our main focus is ultra-low temperature and liquid electrolyte research and development; and in the isolating membrane, we will focus on PVDF optimization and enhancement of the base isolating membrane; in addition, we will implement graphene, partly functional additive (VCGF, Nano-m) and some other related research;

H igh energy cathode material, anode material, power handling and modification


Using the mechanochemical method, for the cathode Li-NCM coating doped C-Mg rich lithium-manganese oxide and nanometer anode MCMB coating modification technology, we can get stable material structure, high energy density. By increasing the specific surface area of the powder, improving the volume and the quality specific energy makes the lithium ion has a large diffusion coefficient at the low temperature state, high electrical conductivity, high voltage platform, stable high and low temperature performance characteristics; combined with functional electrolyte, to enhance the use of temperature window.


Preparation of low temperature electrolyte


LiPF6 was used as the lithium salt, and the mixture of cyclic carbonate, chain carbonate and chain carboxylic ester was used as solvent to prepare functional electrolyte with low temperature, safety and magnification. Meet the low temperature performance, high-rate performance, safety performance and function of the type electrolyte.

Preparation of mesh current collector



The current can be efficiently dispersed, the concentration of polarization can be eased, the heat radiating area can be increased and the temperature rise can be reduced by the mesh current collector. By using the method of current collector anti-embedded active substances, to prevent the battery charge and discharge off powder to improve service life. The treatment technology of conducting resin reduces the contact resistance, improves the bonding strength of matrix material and active material, suitable for large high-rate charge and discharge it can reduce the physical heat, so that product safety performance is improved.

High polymer and porous separator


It is three-dimensional porous structure and network-like supporting, with the characteristics of high porosity, high liquid absorption rate, high liquid retention rate, uniform pore size and good toughness, which improves the ion exchange rate, ionic conductivity, reduces the chemical friction resistance, as well as reduces the exchange of heat, suitable for high-power charge and discharge, and the heat yield at this time is very small. It has excellent polymer surface properties, at high temperatures with self-closing function. When the film material at the high temperature occurs to polymerization reaction, it makes the microporous rapid closure, the high temperature creep small, so that at high temperature can continue to maintain the integrity, and not deformation. Unique combination of high porosity and high twist makes the resistance is lower than the industry average. Having the high temperature and low polymerization characteristics to make it more functional, and thus the safety of the battery can be guaranteed. So that no combustion occurs when the battery is punctured. And the temperature rise of battery is very small, but also continue to work.

Preparation of porous electrodes


Porous membrane combined with phase separation technology to prepare porous electrode, which improves ion exchange rate, increases the specific surface area, improves the exchange channel, reduces the exchange of heat, suitable for rate discharge. As well as it reduces the concentration polarization and matches the BBMS effectively extend the service life. It is no free electrolyte and has high safety performance, solving the battery heating problem when the high current charge and discharge. The battery has good deep discharge performance and heat dispersion. Its cycle life is equal or greater than 1500 times and more suitable for all kinds of power products.


We will carry out the thermoelectrochemical mechanism research (including thermal fields analysis and speed control), and implement battery management system research and development based on intelligent balancing management control and monitoring system platform, and will carry out the suitability design research according to the different battery market segment requirements;