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Trademark meaning


Enable New Value

“Innovative value”

Energy New Vehicle

“new energy vehicles”

The blue globe in the middle of the graph E symbolizes corporate innovation serving clean energy development.

111539-3Peter St. Petersburg, Russia Polytechnic University logo, on behalf of unlimited technology. Mendeleev, a famous Russian chemist, was one of the founding fathers of the school.


The Sino-Russian Academy of Sciences logo is a circular Sino-Russian national flag arranged side by side, meaning that through the cooperation of the two sides to build a bridge of scientific and technological cooperation between China and Russia, and to maintain the friendship between China and Russia, CHN & RUS NEMTRI is the abbreviation of CHINA & RUSSIA NEW ENERGY MATERIAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE.


Our Mission

Focusing on value innovation in the field of new energy and new materials, helping the global energy, environment and human health


core values of the company

Open collaboration, innovative value, the pursuit of excellence, integrity and integrity

Open cooperation: In the concept of cooperation, the Institute will uphold the concept of opening to the outside world and collaborative development to carry out multi-dimensional cooperation and resource integration on capital, technology, market and personnel outside China.

Innovative value: In terms of development goals, the Institute will take technology innovation and value creation as its basic principles and value-driven strategy as a strategy to create value for customers and shareholders.

The pursuit of excellence: in the operating standards, the pursuit of excellence, beyond the expectations of the working guidelines and operating standards, strict demands on themselves to meet customers, shareholders and partners of the full requirements;

Integrity and integrity: In the attitude and guidelines, with integrity and integrity, honest and trustworthy approach, proactive, self-serving empathy, in-depth research institutes in all aspects of work;