Hull design and marine science test

To carry out high-performance composite marine research vessel special hull design technology and material selection ratio of research, as well as structural design and process research; to carry out an innovative hull hybrid reinforced fiber sandwich structure and the hull vacuum induction molding technology research, and to carry out high Performance composite marine research vessel; at the same time, the structural mechanics performance analysis under different loads is carried out for the typical hull sections constructed of basalt fiber composite materials and glass fiber reinforced composite materials. Compare the overall deformation of the hull at different loads and the deformation and stress levels of some key locations. The damage analysis under the underwater explosion load and the dynamic response comparison of the typical cabin under the underwater explosion impact load are carried out for the typical hull frame of continuous basalt fiber composite material



It also conducts marine scientific examinations for marine environment, marine environment, marine physics, high-precision and long-term dynamic environment, comprehensive marine environment observation and exploration such as geological environment, ecological environment and atmospheric environment, as well as fidelity sampling and on-site analysis.