Artificial Intelligence and Key Equipment

We will carry out intelligent equipment optimization design and performance evaluation technology research, we could carry out the key technology development of intelligent equipment which could cooperate with human, including high speed, high precision control and performance enhancement technology, redundant DOF robot control technology, HMI design, and implement robot dynamic modeling and real-time calculation, and general robot HMI system platform software development; to implement the key components development, including high performance, high power density servo motor design and control, high performance, high precision robot tailor-made reducer design and control, open and cross platform robot special software, and changeable load high performance servo control technology.



We will implement the research on intelligent control technology based on intelligent sensor, remote fault diagnosis and maintenance technology, rapid calibration technology of production line, off-line programming and simulation technology; and the associated robot positioning error compensation technology in dynamic uncertain environment, multi-robot network / cluster coordinated control technology and man-machine security technology research.



Manufacturing Equipment

We will carry out the enhancement and optimization research based on the existing equipment, as well as the automatic inventory facility. In addition, we will develop new type equipment and system, including embedded system, robust network, cloud computing, information security and intelligent factory equipment manufacturing.