Scientific and technological direction:

Zhejiang Changxing Sino-Russian New Energy Materials Technology Research Institute focuses on the global strategic high-tech industries, products and technologies of international research institutions.

Through in-depth cooperation with relevant government agencies, industrial capitals and scientific research institutions around the world, we provide customers with four major areas of power battery and key materials, artificial intelligence and core equipment, hull design and marine scientific research, biomaterials and medical applications Including commissioned development, technology transfer, project incubation, international trade, capital operation and a full range of industries, capital and technical advisory services.

We have an international strategy, capital and technical team dedicated to building an international operation, service platform that integrates industry, technology, products and capital to provide our customers with the highest quality integrated solutions.



Product direction:

Before the company’s products have been widely used in pure electric buses and electric vehicles, and achieved good results. The actual use of the vehicle manufacturers such as SAIC bus, Yixing Bus, Ankai Vehicle, Qilu Bus, Brilliance Auto and Beijing Special Reefer Car met the requirements of 50-85 people (10-12 meters) 300km performance requirements, outstanding low temperature performance, operating well. The current intention of manufacturers; FAW New Energy, Chery Automobile, Kaiwei, Changxing local pack factory (export of foreign auto manufacturers) and other depot on the next cooperation has been explored and sample trial section, will reach billions of demand.