The company’s R & D team is composed of experts and professors from China and Russia. Among them, there are 16 senior and middle-level professors, 10 doctors and 12 masters in China, covering the fields of electrochemistry, electronic circuits, construction machinery, new materials, computers And other aspects of professional and technical personnel, a number of industry veteran experts, academics and professors to join the team strong R & D strength, and repeatedly contracted the country’s special topics, subject contract experience. Russian team members from the Russian Academy of Sciences, Far East Federal University of Russia, Saint Petersburg Peter the Great University of Technology School of Materials Engineering and School of Transportation Engineering jointly formed by the two academicians, more than 10 professors, Ph.D. and other researchers, the main members In the field of functional materials have extraordinary strength.


Core member:


Wang Hua: President of the ENV Group and Zhejiang Changxing Sino-Russia New Energy and Material Technology Research Institute, is a Senior management expert both in theory and practice. The group industry involves new energy, real estate, capital operation, exploitation of mineral resources and so on.He has been devoting to racing for years due to the enthusiasm for the car racing, winning the honor of all competitions at home and abroad, is a best of the top drivers in the country.





Wang Qingsheng: general manager of ENV(Zhejiang) New Energy Science and Technology Co.,Ltd, director of Zhejiang Changxing Sino-Russia New Energy and Material Technology Research Institute, Doctor of materials of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Visiting professor of Harbin institute of technology, specially-appointed professor of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, the inventor of Porous polymer lithium ion power battery, elected to the national “10,000 people plan”, expert database candidate for the national science and technology department torch program, 863 project team expert, main research: thermoelectric properties of materials, modification of high temperature spheroidization and surface treatment, high – positive cathode materials for polymer – lithium ion batteries,organic inorganic composite isolation film and the development of diaphragm phase separation equipment, porous electrode preparation, safety system of polymer li-ion power battery, titanium alloy 3D printing materials.


鲁兹科伊-1Andrey Ivanovich Rudskoy ?Russian nationality, CHN/RUS New Energy and Materials Technology Research Institute technical adviser. He is currently the principle of Peter the Great ST. Petersburg Polytechnic University, the president of Russian Academy of Sciences, and Metallurgical engineers. He has long been engaged in metal materials nano-structure mechanism and technology research. In the metal plastic engineering, powder metallurgy and other fields is a senior experts. He published 160 scientific papers, including nine monographs, five invention patents. He is an advisor to the Max Planck Institute, an honorary professor at the Uni-Hannover in Germany and a member of the RAS Scientific Society.




Popovich Anatoliy: Russian, director of Zhejiang Changxing Sino-Russia New Energy and Material Technology Research Institute, Dean of materials college of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Professor of science, Dean of mechanical engineering, expert of Russian institute of laser physics and nuclear materials, Chairman of the academic committee of candidates in Russian technical science field, member of the academic degree application of powder metallurgy, composite materials and heat treatment and welding technology, expert in academic teaching, awarded with: honorary scientists of Russia, member of the institute of natural sciences (RAE) of the Russian academy of sciences, member of the New York academy of sciences, professor IGIP of the education institute of European engineering. The VP Vologdina professor,Won the honorary title of advanced education advanced worker of the most powerful “engineer of the year” in Russia.



Yuri N. Kulchin ?Russian, technical adviser of Zhejiang Changxing Sino-Russia New Energy and Material Technology Research Institute. Academician of the Russian academy of sciences, the director of the institute of automation and process management of the Russian academy of sciences, long engaged in the study of laser physics, optical information processing, physics and nonlinear optics, photonics and nanometer microstructures, photonic sensors and nanotechnology ,has extensive experience in organizing and implementing large-scale basic scientific research. The research results are widely used in different fields and bring considerable economic benefits. In 2013, he won the second “Russia contribution award” national medal of honor, the title of “honorary scientist of the Russian federation” in 1999; awarded the title of “professional education worker of Russian federation in 2002, 2007 “prism” international engineers association (SPIE, USA) honorary member.



Kartashev?Vladimir: Russian, Zhejiang Changxing CHN/RUS New Energy and Materials Technology Research Institute Distinguished experts (Russia), working in the Far Eastern Federation University of Joint Laboratory Ocean Research Institute, vice president of the Maritime Association of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He has been working on marine research and hull special materials research for a long time. He was the head of the JSC “Morinformsystem-AGAT” project for underwater robots of the special design bureau in 2013-2014. After that, he was responsible for the overall design of the composites materials and the carrier robot of the underwater expedition ship “MORSKOY processor” (the project of Ocean processor H-909; KM * R), and contractor’s construction of the ship. The project is approved by the Shipping Russian Classification Society.He is also the chief designer of Countermeasure Equipment for Composite Materials and Electric Propulsion Systems. He participated in key component structure design of the Russian aviation enterprise from 1990 to 2006.



Yang Zhelong :director of ENV(Zhejiang) New Energy Science and Technology Co.,Ltd,?technical adviser ?of Zhejiang Changxing Sino-Russia New Energy and Material Technology Research Institute,Professor of Harbin institute of technology,Director of the joint research center of Harbin institute of technology and ENV. Director of electrochemical national surface treatment society and National institute of antisepsis. Visiting professor at Kyoto university, Japan. Former director of electrochemistry department of Harbin institute of technology, for more than 30 years, he has been engaged in the research of electrochemical theory and engineering, and successively completed more than ten provincial and ministerial-level science and technology preresearch projects. Responsible for the company’s overall technical mediation and project research and acceptance and organic electrolyte project development.



Han Gaorong: technical adviser of Zhejiang Changxing Sino-Russia New Energy and Material Technology Research Institute,Director of materials nanotechnology research center of Zhejiang Universit and ENV; Now he is ?the President of the school of materials science and engineering of Zhejiang University, vice President of Chinese materials research society and director of Zhejiang materials research society. From 2000 to 2009, he was ?the deputy director of the science and technology park management committee of Zhejiang University. Long engaged in function of inorganic nanometer material and new energy saving basic research and application of the coated glass engineering research, as well as the preparation of nano functional materials and inorganic functional thin film materials, structure, performance and application research work.In silicon nanometer compound semiconductor thin film materials, oxide nanowire and nanotube materials, new energy saving coated glass, chemical vapor deposition preparation technology, wet chemical preparation technology and so on has made the thorough system’s research.



Ma Jiachen: Strategic development consultant of ENV(Zhejiang) New Energy Science and Technology Co.,Ltd,,Professor ?of Harbin institute of technology, doctoral supervisor.Harbin institute of technology (Weihai) detection and automatic device, director of the center, the embedded system engineering center of Shandong province, Shandong love robot company technical director, automation of Shandong province education working committee, vice chairman, executive director of the association of universities of science and technology industry in Shandong province, Weihai municipal production, strategic alliance, chairman of the association. Have long been engaged in mechanical automation manufacturing equipment and electronic, electronic control field research,mainly responsible for the electromechanical automation and electronic control project development.



_DSC7891-恢复的Novikov Pavel: Researcher of Russia, Zhejiang Changxing Sino-Russian New Energy Material Technology Research Institute (Russia), Ph.D. in Materials Science from Peter Great University of Science and Technology in St. Petersburg, Russia, member of “High Energy Materials” project of Sino-Russian International Cooperation in Science and Technology, Additive Technology Science and Education Center “Peter St. Petersburg, Russia, the manager of the University of Technology representatives.





fangjunFang Jun: Singaporean, Zhejiang Changxing CHN/RUS New Energy and Materials Technology Research Institute Distinguished experts. He is Nanyang Technological University of Singapore Master of Science. He is the general manager president of Dongguan Tec-Rich Engineering Co., Ltd. He was worked as the principal EE Engineer of Motorola Electronics Singapore. With the Motorola Six Sigma Green Belt, and has long been committed to the research and development of module design, CQA fault analysis and RF design and has wealth experience in business management and project management.





Zhu Hao:Technical team member of Zhejiang Changxing Sino-Russia New Energy and Material Technology Research Institute,director of postgraduate practice base of ENV and Hu Nan University,Professor of mechanical transportation college of Hunan university,director of vehicle power battery joint research center, secretary of the department of energy and power engineering, conference evaluation experts of Changsha city technology bureau and the department of science and technology project of Hunan province government procurement center of Hunan province meeting evaluation experts. Mainly devoted to the application and research of the battery, responsible for the design of the battery module and the simulation of the simulation temperature management system;The design of the application and monitoring platform is designed to study and analyze the supporting use of electric control batteries.



Liu Xintian: Technical team member of Zhejiang Changxing Sino-Russia New Energy and Material Technology Research Institute,Automation, Ph.D. of university of science and technology of China,professor of Hefei university of technology long-term commitment to the design of the electronic control system, battery management system and research work in the field of algorithm, has carried out many new energy automobile electronic control system development project with Suzhou Jinlong, Jianghuai automobile, Ankal automobile, , Henan Benma, Southern power grid.





Wang Ying:Technical team member of Zhejiang Changxing Sino-Russia New Energy and Material Technology Research Institute, PhD of Chinese academy of sciences institute of applied chemistry and electrochemistry, has 20 years of basic research and nearly 20 years working experience in the industry, understand and master the working mechanisms of lithium ion batteries, the core algorithm, conducted a number of lithium ion battery system and structure design, and is the choice of anode, electrolyte material evaluation of projects, and personally involved in the design and testing of multiple cell systems.





Chang Junjie:Technical team member of Zhejiang Changxing Sino-Russia New Energy and Material Technology Research Institute, Doctor of process science at Kyoto institute of technology, has been engaged in the research of ultrasonic nondestructive testing and evaluation of solid mechanics and materials. The main research directions include the interaction of ultrasonic and material, sound field design, numerical simulation of ultrasonic testing and ultrasonic signal processing. Main undertaken research projects of “the application of ultrasonic nondestructive testing of the composites of theoretical analysis and numerical simulation research”, ” domestic horizontal cooperation projects – ultrasound for cosmetic development and research”, “the general armaments department project – 200612009 portable inner hole of ultrasonic detection”, “national nature fund – SiAlON – ZnS composite structure administered infrared window material design and its interface problem research”, etc.