Research platform and research center

The institute has a total investment of 200 million yuan and plans to build a comprehensive scientific research platform in the fields of chemistry, materials chemistry, mechanochemistry, thermoelectric chemistry, physics, electronics, mechanics, automation, artificial intelligence and marine science and technology.
The Institute purchased TOF time-of-flight and secondary flight time mass spectrometer, ionosphere, laser deposition, atomic deposition and other international industry-leading equipment. Established the “International Joint Laboratory of Functional Materials”, “Powder Materials Laboratory”, “Handicraft Control Laboratory” “Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Design Laboratory”, “Three-screen & New Energy Vehicle Laboratory”, ” 3D Laboratory “and” Ocean Innovation Laboratory “. Among them,” Thermoelectric Chemistry Laboratory “is the first in China and its standard has reached world-class level. At the same time, the Institute has established multidisciplinary joint laboratories with Peter the Great University of Technology in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation Far Eastern Federal University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University, Hunan University, Austria STARD Company, Germany ZOZ Group, Germany NETZSCH companies, etc. St. Petersburg University, Peter the Great University of Technology, Russian Academy of Sciences Andrey Ivanovich Rudskoy, Yuri N. KULCHIN Two academicians co-founded ” Expert workstations “; and Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University established a” graduate practice base “, school-enterprise joint training of personnel to promote scientific research and development.



Chemistry & Electrochemistry Laboratory


We have advanced electrochemical laboratory, including temperature magnetic stirrer, scraper coating testing machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, tube drying drying, high-speed desktop centrifuge, non-contact air-coupled ultrasonic testing, contact angle measuring instrument, the main For electrochemical analysis and detection.


Powder synthesis and modification laboratory


Powder synthesis and modification laboratories in the industry are the leading level, including atomic deposition, laser deposition, ultra-centrifugal mill, desktop jaw crusher, powder particle molding machine, high pressure forming furnace, vapor deposition instrument, nano Global furnace, low-temperature powder grinding, air pump and other high-end powder processing equipment and other experimental equipment, engaged in nano-materials, information materials, biological materials, military new materials and other new powder materials research, design, development, production and management work .


Thermo-electrochemical laboratory


World-class thermochemical laboratory, including rotating rheometer, high-frequency induction furnace, dilatometer, Fourier transform infrared spectrometer, dynamic thermomechanical analyzer, mass spectrometer, cell isothermal calorimeter, isothermal insulation in accordance with ARC High-end equipment.


Physical and chemical characterization laboratory


Physical and chemical characterization laboratory has advanced automatic surface area analyzer, chemical adsorption, Malvern particle size analyzer, automatic gas displacement densitometer, X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, atomic force microscope and other monitoring and analysis equipment.


Material Analysis Laboratory


The analytical laboratory has TOF-SIMS and time-of-flight primary mass spectrometer XEVO G2-XS QTOF 4K, which are mainly used for the observation and detection of inorganic materials. The ion beam is injected into the sample under ultra-vacuum environment, Of the superficial layer 1-3nm release secondary ions, the ion implantation time of 2 (TOF-type) mass spectrometer, you can get the surface of the sample mass spectrometry, then by reducing the amount of ions once the plasma test to retain The surface of the chemical composition of molecular ions and some fragment ions, you can get the most surface layer of the elements and chemical structure of the information.


Additive Technology and Materials Laboratory


Additive technology and materials laboratory with 360 ° three-dimensional scanning, body scanning and other advanced three-dimensional scanning equipment and SLS printing, metal printing, plastic printing, dental printing and sand mold printing equipment.


Electrical Automation & Intelligent Manufacturing Laboratory


Electrical control & intelligent manufacturing laboratory contains the normal transient automotive electronic combination analysis system, which is mainly used in the analysis and testing of the system of lightning, electrophoresis, power consumption, electromagnetic interference, pulse, inductive coupling, capacitive coupling, electronic load, In addition, the lab also has a motor performance test platform.


Product & Process Testing Lab


Product & Process Testing Lab contains advanced battery test and analysis system (2BC), battery thermal analysis infrared imaging system and film performance test and analysis system, and the laboratory also has a refractive index analyzer, melting point analyzer, material C / S analysis Instrument, moisture analyzer and thermal analyzer analysis and test equipment.


New battery laboratory


The new battery laboratory has advanced lithium-ion polymer battery research and testing system and research and analysis for the metal – air / fuel cell related high-end equipment.